Here's the history of the ClimbKorea.


1992Established Sam-gang Engineering

2001Developed the structural system for climbing walls

2004Established the corporation SKWallDeveloped
             the structural system for climbing wall panels

2005Acquired a utility model patent for the climbing holds
             Appointed as a high quality sporting goods manufacturer
             Certified as a CLEAN workplace

2006Acquiring a venture certification
             Obtained Clean Business Site Certification (Ministry of Labor)

2007Acquired a patent for the Climb Korea climbing holds #10-0698412
             Acquired ISO 9001 Certification KorQ-096611
             Registered 9 designs for climbing wall panels
             Registered a design for construction of climbing wall panels #30-0461162

2008Acquired ISO 14001 Certification KorE-081931

2009IFSC certified for the manufacture
             of Speed WallsEstablished the division of R&D

2010Changed the name of the corporation to Climb Korea Co., Ltd.
             Acquired Certificate of INNO-BIZ-Hosted
             A sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea

2011Acquired a patent for the installation structure of climbing walls #10-1031649
             Hosted a sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea

2012Acquired a patent for the design of SMC climbing wall panels #30-0649389
             Acquired a patent for the power training equipment *10-1159764
             Hosted a sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea
             Acquired a patent for the fitness climbing walls #10-1220340

2013Hosted a sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea

2014Moved the company building to the current location
             Hosted a sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea
             Received the Gyeonggi-do Promising SME Award

2015Constructed the Korean largest International Climbing Center
             in Ulju Yeongnam Alps, Korea
             Constructed the indoor climbing wall in Encanto Town, Mongolia
             Sponsored Thailand Princess Cup Climbing Competition in Bangkok, Thailand
             Constructed the largest climbing wall in Seoul at Yongma Waterfall Park
             Hosted a sport climbing competition in Busan, Korea

2016Constructed an outdoor climbing wall on the company building
             Extended the climbing wall in Suanbo, Korea

2017Hosted a bouldering festival at SPOEX fair, Coex, Korea
             Constructed a climbing wall at Cheonan Culture Plaza, Korea
             Established a research institute