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safety check

Especially, climbing facilities using ropes are very important factors that threatens the safety of the climbers, and the frequency of use and environmental factors around the facilities , Which can lead to a very dangerous situation when climbing. It is recommended that you inspect the entire facility twice a year for safety checks. Please make periodic safety inspections by the facility managers and managers concerned. If you need to replace or repair the facility, please ask a specialist of the artificial rock wall for a safety check.

Safety Diagnosis Procedure

Artificial rock wall management manual

1. Checklist for each cycle

1) Always check

A) Attachment condition of hold (breakage, tightening, rotation, etc.)
B) Attachment state of lowering collar, quickrode, hanger, etc.

2) Monthly inspection

A) Step change of position of hold
B) Checking the condition of hanging collar, quickrode, hanger, etc. (replacement of faulty product)
C) Condition of artificial rock wall panel (fasteners, etc.)
D) Cleaning of hold (removing dust and foreign matter)

3) Annual inspection

A) Whole safety check of artificial rock walls (climb panels, fasteners, holdings, internal steel structures, etc.)
B) Replacement and reinforcement of artificial hold
C) Replacement and reinforcement of climbing equipment
D) Cleaning of artificial hold
E) Replacement and reinforcement of artificial rock accessories (descent ring, quickrode, hangers, etc.)

4) Main inspection product replacement

A) Main products need periodical replacement or change due to aging, breakdown, trend change, etc.
B) Artificial hold: 1 ~ 2 years
C) Artificial rock panel painting: 3 years
D) Artificial rock panel replacement: 10 years

2. Artificial Hold Management

A) Hold is installed considering the difficulty level and the condition of the climbing panel.
B) When attaching hold, breakage or tightening condition is related to safety. Therefore, it should be checked carefully for each hold.
     The manager must perform periodic hold tightening, keeping in mind that the use of the climber will change
     the tightening state depending on frequency.
(C) Educate climbers to notify of an abnormality of hold during climbing education.

3. Artificial rock wall safety check

A) The manager inspects the relevant items at least once a month in accordance with the safety checklist,
     and confirms whether or not the artificial rock wall is abnormal.
B) Attachment: Safety check list

Safety check list

Safety Check Description Artificial rock wall management manual download

Inspection site Checking list Remarks
General State - Safety diagnosis of foundation concrete due to subsidence
- Corrosion confirmation and reinforcement of concrete
   and foundation anchor part due to external factors
- Maintenance of drainage trenches and water pipes
Steel structure / safety footrest - Safety inspection for general steel structures
- Welding and joint inspection, corrosion removal
   and anti-corrosion coating
Safety check required items
Panel joint structure - Check the welding condition of panel rail and tubing pipe
- Safety inspection of the panel connected to the panel
- Corrosion removal and anti-corrosion coating
Safety check required items
Panel and fasteners - Checking and replacing panel damage and wear
- Check and replace fasteners
Safety check required items
Lifting hooks and hangers - Check and check hanging hooks and hangers
- Replacement of the lowering ring used for
   more than 1 year and replacing the worn hanger
- Hanger installation point
Safety check required items
Roof and wall - Check roof corrosion and waterproofing
- Corrosion and damage replacement and waterproofing
- Installed and complemented inspection area
- Inspect and replace damaged parts
- Change the entire wall paint and finish
painting and surface
- Exterior wall damage and corrosion
- Full paint after panel wear and breakage
- Panel surface treatment (roughness 1/200)
Hold and Macro Breakage
and Replacement
- Check and replace hold cracks or damage and wear
- Check and replace macro cracks or breakage and abrasion
- Check and replace macro fastener
- Check and replace bolts for holding fasteners
Safety check required items
Urethane Mat
Sponge mats
(with cover)
- Urethane mat damage inspection and repair
- Check and repair or replace sponge and cover inside
   sponge mat
Other Facilities - Maintenance and Replacement of External Boundary
- Maintenance and replacement of drainage pipes and
   windows on the wall