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The configuration of the hold varies from very large hold to small and fine hold depending on the shape and function, and the combination of holds is associated with difficulty. It can always be moved as needed, and it is possible to produce a variety of movements by giving directionality. The artificial hold of Climb Korea Co., Ltd. is a safety-guaranteed product based on the technology received from the patent (No. 10-0698412). Aluminum bushing is inserted in the middle of the hold, so that cracks and breakage do not easily occur even if bolts are excessively fastened. In addition, even if the hold is broken by inserting the wire, the broken body of the wire is attached to the wire, which is an excellent technology that reduces the secondary damage caused by falling.

Patent (No. 10-0698412) Clam Korea Hold for artificial rock wall

ClimbKorea Holdings
1. CK hold varies according to size (2XL ~ XS), application (grip, pinch, pocket, ring, etc.) and shape.
2. CK Hold has macro hold, volume hold, etc. to control difficulty in addition to general artificial hold.
3. CK Hold is a patented product with a built-in diecasting bushing to prevent collapse when broken, ensuring maximum safety of the climber.
4. CK Hold is produced based on the surface roughness according to the International Sports Climbing Association (IFSC) standard.


Put foot

Peace Piece

Trainning Stick

Volume Holds

Volume Holds

Macro Holds

Macro Holds

Drytooling Holds

Guide to the purchase of Clame Korea Hold

1. Select Design
1)Hold design references sold as a set in the portfolio
2)After discussing with the person in charge according to the
   purpose and purpose, send the picture after sending it
   (Discussion such as holding well for baby)
2. Select color
Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Black 7 colors
3. Shipping after packing
*The timing of product receipt may vary depending on volume fluctuation. Therefore, We encourage you to consult on the phone.