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The SMC Panel of Climbkorea

SMC(Sheet Modeling Compound)

Fiber Unsaturated polyester resin for FRP is mixed with filler, catalyst, release agent, etc. to synthesize and reinforce glass fiber. Thereafter, the sheet is chemically increased in viscosity to press the sheet having high adhesiveness and excellent moldability at high pressure. It is mainly used for septic tanks, automobile parts, cooling towers, interior and exterior finishes, etc., because it has less abrasion due to its excellent environmental friendliness and semi-permanent characteristics.

Patent No. 10-1031649 Artificial rock wall installation structure

Patents for connection of climbing panels to climbing panels and installation structures for connecting climbing panels to structures

SMC panel for artificial rock wall construction (Design Registration No. 30-0649389)

- Panel thickness: 8mm
- Panel weight: 16kg per M2
- Holders per M2: 18 holes
  (flexible holding configuration allows various routes)
- main use: bathtub, septic tank, automobile parts, cooling tower,
   interior and exterior finishing materials
- Frames: Large, flat-paneled panels prevent side panels from twisting
  together with side frames

Gangwon Hongcheon City. Hongcheon artificial rock wall
(SMC large outdoor training)

Seoul Yongma Waterfall Park Jungang Sports Climbing Stadium
(SMC large outdoor training)